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Proceedings of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 1
16 May 2018
 | 16 May 2018

Magrit: a new thematic cartography tool

Matthieu Viry, Timothée Giraud, and Nicolas Lambert

Keywords: Thematic cartography, on-line mapping, statistical cartography

Abstract. The article provides an overview of the features of the Magrit web application: a free online thematic mapping tool, presenting a strong pedagogical dimension and making possible to mobilize all the elements necessary for the realization of a thematic map. In this tool, several simple modes of representation are proposed such as proportional maps or choropleth maps. Other, more complex modes are also available such as smoothed maps and cartograms. Each map can be finalized thanks to layout and customization features (projection, scale, orientation, toponyms, etc.) and exported in vector format. Magrit is therefore a complete, light and versatile tool particularly adapted to cartography teaching at the university.

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