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Proceedings of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 1
16 May 2018
 | 16 May 2018

A Generalization Strategy for Discrete Area Feature by Using Stroke Grouping and Polarization Transportation Selection

Xiao Wang and Dirk Burghardt

Keywords: Generalization, Area feature, Feature group, Stroke, Feature selection

Abstract. This paper presents a new strategy for the generalization of discrete area features by using stroke grouping method and polarization transportation selection. The mentioned stroke is constructed on derive of the refined proximity graph of area features, and the refinement is under the control of four constraints to meet different grouping requirements. The area features which belong to the same stroke are detected into the same group. The stroke-based strategy decomposes the generalization process into two sub-processes by judging whether the area features related to strokes or not. For the area features which belong to the same one stroke, they normally present a linear like pat-tern, and in order to preserve this kind of pattern, typification is chosen as the operator to implement the generalization work. For the remaining area features which are not related by strokes, they are still distributed randomly and discretely, and the selection is chosen to conduct the generalization operation. For the purpose of retaining their original distribution characteristic, a Polarization Transportation (PT) method is introduced to implement the selection operation. Buildings and lakes are selected as the representatives of artificial area feature and natural area feature respectively to take the experiments. The generalized results indicate that by adopting this proposed strategy, the original distribution characteristics of building and lake data can be preserved, and the visual perception is pre-served as before.

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