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16 May 2018
 | 16 May 2018

Development of a Planet Tool for an interactive School Atlas as eBook

Stephan Wondrak

Keywords: School Atlas, interactive, Solar System, Planets, Moons, eBook, Multimedia, ePUB, Cartography, Visualization

Abstract. The present thesis describes the development of a planet tool for an interactive school atlas using an eBook format. Especially the technical and cartographical capabilities of the open standard ePUB 3 are evaluated. An eBook application with interactive and dynamic 2-dimensional visualizations is developed especially to show whether the re-al-world dimensions and distances in the solar system can be mapped in a cartographical correct and for students easy understandable manner. In the first part of the work, the requirements of the planet tool are evaluated in co-operation with experts. The open standards PDF and ePUB 3 are investigated with regard to the requirements for the development of the planet tool. Another chapter describes in detail all significant steps of the development process for a prototype of the planet tool. A graphic file originally created for print production is prepared and enhanced with interactive features to generate one of the eBook pages. This serves to show a potential workflow for the generation of eBook pages in a cross-media atlas production. All sample pages of the prototype show different layouts and contain the entire spectrum of interactive features and multimedia content of modern eBooks. The sample pages are presented and discussed in an own chapter. The results of the present work aim at answering the question concerning the suitability of the open standard ePUB 3 for the development of a multimedia eBook for high school education.

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