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Proceedings of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 1
16 May 2018
 | 16 May 2018

Alternative transitions between existing representations in multi-scale maps

Marion Dumont, Guillaume Touya, and Cécile Duchêne

Keywords: Multi-scale map, Intermediate Representation, Cartographic generalization, Smooth transitions

Abstract. Map users may have issues to achieve multi-scale navigation tasks, as cartographic objects may have various representations across scales. We assume that adding intermediate representations could be one way to reduce the differences between existing representations, and to ease the transitions across scales. We consider an existing multiscale map on the scale range from 1 : 25k to 1 : 100k scales. Based on hypotheses about intermediate representations design, we build custom multi-scale maps with alternative transitions. We will conduct in a next future a user evaluation to compare the efficiency of these alternative maps for multi-scale navigation. This paper discusses the hypotheses and production process of these alternative maps.

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