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16 May 2018
 | 16 May 2018

Geo-Knowledge for an Ever Changing Society – The New Swiss National Map 1:10‘000 and its strategic relevance

Olaf Forte

Keywords: Switzerland, mapping, Open Government Data, swisstopo, Vision, strategy, 1:10'000, reference data, national map, cartography

Abstract. The Federal Office of Topography swisstopo plays a vital role as Switzerland’s Geoinformation centre. This paper shows how the New Swiss National Map 1 : 10’000 will take its place, within the strategic Geoinformation preparations for 2020 and swisstopo’ future technical developments.
This topic can be told in five key chapters, each with their own strategic focal points for swisstopo: The National Centre of Geoinformation – Up-to-date reference data – Improved, future-orientated usability – Filling the gaps in Switzerland’s geographical reference data and finally Open Government Data.
Implementing each of these strategic focal points will enable swisstopo to provide an even more effective, efficient and cost-conscious service. The data and products provided by swisstopo are built on the core objectives of ensuring that Switzerland’s official Geoinformation, firstly complies with current legislation, secondly insuring that the information covering various time periods will be readily available over the long term, and finally that the data is maintained as up to date as possible.
In order to ensure long-term success and to provide a service that responds to the people’s needs and benefits Switzerland as a whole, swisstopo must also take into account social, political and technological developments. Moreover, it will enable swisstopo to continue a sustainable high-level of cartography in future.

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