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Proceedings of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 1
16 May 2018
 | 16 May 2018

Revisiting flow maps: a classification and a 3D alternative to visual clutter

Yuhang Gu, Menno-Jan Kraak, and Yuri Engelhardt

Keywords: Movement, Origin-Destination, Visualization, Flow Maps, 3D Flow Maps

Abstract. Flow maps have long been servicing people in exploring movement by representing origin-destination data (OD data). Due to recent developments in data collecting techniques the amount of movement data is increasing dramatically. With such huge amounts of data, visual clutter in flow maps is becoming a challenge. This paper revisits flow maps, provides an overview of the characteristics of OD data and proposes a classification system for flow maps. For dealing with problems of visual clutter, 3D flow maps are proposed as potential alternative to 2D flow maps.

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