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Proceedings of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 1
16 May 2018
 | 16 May 2018

Translation from the collaborative OSM database to cartography

Flora Hayat

Keywords: Collaborative database, OpenStreetMap, automated cartography, edition

Abstract. The OpenStreetMap (OSM) database includes original items very useful for geographical analysis and for creating thematic maps. Contributors record in the open database various themes regarding amenities, leisure, transports, buildings and boundaries. The Michelin mapping department develops map prototypes to test the feasibility of mapping based on OSM. To translate the OSM database structure into a database structure fitted with Michelin graphic guidelines a research project is in development. It aims at defining the right structure for the Michelin uses. The research project relies on the analysis of semantic and geometric heterogeneities in OSM data. In that order, Michelin implements methods to transform the input geographical database into a cartographic image dedicated for specific uses (routing and tourist maps). The paper focuses on the mapping tools available to produce a personalised spatial database. Based on processed data, paper and Web maps can be displayed. Two prototypes are described in this article: a vector tile web map and a mapping method to produce paper maps on a regional scale. The vector tile mapping method offers an easy navigation within the map and within graphic and thematic guide- lines. Paper maps can be partly automatically drawn. The drawing automation and data management are part of the mapping creation as well as the final hand-drawing phase. Both prototypes have been set up using the OSM technical ecosystem.

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