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Articles | Volume 3
06 Aug 2021
 | 06 Aug 2021

From the Atlas de l’Europe by Philippe Vandermaelen (1828–1833) to the Weiss Map by Thomas Best Jervis (1854). The Role of the Établissement géographique de Bruxelles in the Map Production of European Turkey

Wouter Bracke

Keywords: Philippe Vandermaelen, Thomas Best Jervis, Franz von Weiss, Crimean War, European Turkey, History of cartography

Abstract. This paper discusses the role of Philippe Vandermaelen (1795–1869) and his Établissement géographique de Bruxelles in the mapping of Turkey in Europe in the 19th century. After a short presentation of the Brussels Institute up to the 1850s, and of its connection with the family of Thomas Best Jervis (1797–1857), first director of the British Topographical and Statistical Department, the paper first addresses the context of the publication of the Atlas de l’Europe by the Belgian cartographer, in particular its first instalment dedicated to European Turkey (1829), and offers an overview of later publications on the subject. After this it focuses on Franz von Weiss’s map of the area (1829–1830), Jervis’s reproduction of the Weiss map (1854), and Vandermaelen’s role in the latter’s production.

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