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03 Dec 2021
 | 03 Dec 2021

Education 4.0 in cartography: an integrated e-learning materials portal for cartography and digital mapping course

Daniel Abdul Halim and Abdul Rauf Abdul Rasam

Keywords: cartography, mapping, e-learning, industrial revolution (IR) 4.0

Abstract. World’s technology development is defined by the level of advancement in the current industrial sector that is called industrial revolution (IR). The evolution of the technologies may affect the learning system for educators and learners. Throughout the years, student discovering troubles to have an effective learning method for their subject. To keep up the mushroom growth of technologies, e-learning has been identified as the best learning method that suits with the current generation’s way of learning. This paper aimed at designing and developing an integrated e-learning material portal for assisting university students of Centre of Study for Surveying Science and Geomatics (PPSUG) University of MARA (UiTM) Malaysia to have a helpful learning process in Cartography subject. The study conducted in three main objectives: i. To study the user requirement, ii. To create and design the portal, iii. To test the proposed portal using WordPress platform. The finding has revealed that most of the respondents significantly agreed and willingly to have an integrated e-learning portal to assist in the subject. The proposed portal offers special functions for learning materials process in particular integrating all learning materials in one platform such online notes, assignments, lab work sheets and other benefits that are easy – free to access and user friendly knowledge transfer for the public. The portal it still needs using the university hosting for comprehensive practice among the SUG students.

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