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Proceedings of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 4
03 Dec 2021
 | 03 Dec 2021

Updating of digital topographic maps in the new national spatial coordinate system: case Fergana valley in Uzbekistan

Dilbarkhon Fazilova and Hasan Magdiev

Keywords: CS42, WGS84, distortion grid, topographic maps

Abstract. The classical geodetic coordinate system (CS42) in Uzbekistan uses the Krasovsky ellipsoid. The implementation of new information technologies, such as the Global Navigation Satellite System, became the basis for the development of a new national open geocentric coordinate system. This paper describes the development of a distortion grid for transforming horizontal spatial data from the local geodetic datum CS42 to a geocentric datum WGS84 for 1:100000 scale maps of the Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan. A first version of the distortion grid file has been created for transforming between CS42 and WGS84 for the whole territory of the country. The significant influence of the longitudinal drift of the region has been confirmed. The grid was used to transform topographic maps at a scale of 1:100000 for the Fergana Valley. Changing the map datum has shifted the grid of coordinate systems by 70 m in the East and 7 m in the North.

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