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Articles | Volume 4
03 Dec 2021
 | 03 Dec 2021 – the world’s first nationwide information and presentation system of all wine estates

Karel Kriz and Alexander Pucher

Keywords: Vineyard maps, Atlas, Thematic mapping, webmapping

Abstract. The origin of wine is of crucial importance in the wine industry. It is an essential part of quality and is generally closely associated with the terroir of a wine. The smaller/specific the origin, the higher the attributed quality. Austria is the first country to summarise all its wine origins from the national level down to the vineyard level in a uniform way and make them available. is a project that is conceptually designed and developed by the University of Vienna, Department of Geography and Regional Research in cooperation with the plan+land agency. As part of an applied research and development project commissioned by the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (ÖWM), the data on all Austrian wine estates were standardised and then cartographically visualised.

The project has a high scientific development component. In the sense of a scientifically qualitative and sustainable implementation of the project goals, research focal points were defined within the framework of the project. These included topics of efficient data management of wine-relevant (geo) information, development of adapted cartographic visualisation methods as well as concepts for user-oriented communication and presentation of the contents.

The implementation should do justice to the "image of excellence" of the Austrian wine industry and be considered "state of the art" worldwide. is the first platform to offer digital (geo) information on nationwide vineyards based on legal cadastral data. builds on the three pillars of geo-design, geo-standardisation and geo-communication, aiming at an intuitive and comparable presentation through user-optimised and aesthetically pleasing map representations in the field of UI and UX design. In addition to the digital format, new printed vineyard maps of all Austrian wine-growing regions were cartographically designed and implemented.

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