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Proceedings of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 4
03 Dec 2021
 | 03 Dec 2021

Digital transformation in topographic databases

Gema Martín-Asín López, Lorenzo Camón Soteres, Gonzalo Moreno Vergara, and Andrés Arístegui Cortijo

Keywords: topographic databases, linking data, changes detection, reuse of information

Abstract. The increasingly widespread implementation of databases with geographical component, as well as the impregnation of geolocation culture, is driving a transformation in the storage, management and exploitation of geospatial information. Real-world elements go from being modeled as mere geometric representations, with just cartographic purposes, to be features with their own entity. Unique identifiers and lifecycle management are assigned to these features, allowing interactions between feature instances from different databases, that is, facilitating digital transformation and, therefore, increasing exponentially the exploitation possibilities.

In this regard, the National Geographic Institute of Spain (IGN, by its Spanish acronym) have implemented several processes in its National Topographic Database, such as the connection with the cadastral information, in order to take advantage of its updates and give feedback to improve cadastral data; or the link with the information, in addresses form, provided from different public administration, that is processed to geolocate features in the topographic database. Likewise, work is being done in order to implement new processes that allow linking with other data sets.

These processes, in addition to reusing information produced by different public administrations, constitute an advance towards the objective of geospatial information databases continuous updating.

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