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Proceedings of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 5
07 Aug 2023
 | 07 Aug 2023

Real and Virtual maps conception in web mapping: a case of cartographic support for geological exploration in Andaman deep water basin

Dmitriy Loginov

Keywords: Andaman deep water, Cartographic support, Data preparation, Real and Virtual maps, Web maps

Abstract. The current task of cartographic support for geological exploration and the oil and gas industry is to meet the needs for rapid access to spatial data by specialists. The preparation of specialized data for publication in interactive web maps involves a number of technical issues. Some of them are explored in detail in case of a cartographic support for a cameral processing and interpretation of geological, geophysical and other geoscientific data in Andaman deep water basin. The points highlighted here are in fact a reflection of the role of interactive web maps, regardless of the thematic content, in the development of the Real and Virtual maps concept. The experimental work presented in this article illustrates most of the R/V transformations first developed by H. Moellering in early 1980s. Solving the operations for transformations between real maps, interactive maps, initial (raw) thematic data and cartographic databases will help enrich cartography with new methods of creating and using data, expanding and adapting the communicative conception of cartography to modern realities. An example of the web map developed also shows how the cartographer can simplify the work of professionals in other sectors, their communication with each other through the map language and its web representations. The use of web maps in the poorly studied Andaman deep water basin shows how web maps can contribute to the quality implementation of government programs for increasing exploration and the subsequent development of mineral resources.

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