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16 May 2018
 | 16 May 2018

A Boundary Delineation System for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Douglas L. Vandegraft

Keywords: Outer Continental Shelf, Marine (Offshore) Cadastre, Submerged Lands Act, Official Protraction Diagram, Supplemental Official Block Diagram

Abstract. Federal government mapping of the offshore areas of the United States in support of the development of oil and gas resources began in 1954. The first mapping system utilized a network of rectangular blocks defined by State Plane coordinates which was later revised to utilize the Universal Transverse Mercator grid. Creation of offshore boundaries directed by the Submerged Lands Act and Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act were mathematically determined using early computer programs that performed the required computations, but required many steps. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has revised these antiquated methods using GIS technology which provide the required accuracy and produce the mapping products needed for leasing of energy resources, including renewable energy projects, on the outer continental shelf. (Note: this is an updated version of a paper of the same title written and published in 2015).

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