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Articles | Volume 2
10 Jul 2019
 | 10 Jul 2019

The Use of Cartometric and Participatory Methods for Evaluating Regional Boundaries in Kaligesing Sub-district, Purworejo, Indonesia

Sudaryatno, Bagus Wiratmoko, and Ramadhani Yuda

Keywords: Bondaries Mapping, Cartometric, Participatory, Regional Boundaries

Abstract. Related to the implementation of regional autonomy (UU No. 32 Tahun 2004), the determination of regional boundaries is one of the main factors in the implementation of regional government functions. Regional boundaries that are not clear at the border can trigger conflicts that can obstruct the development of society. The conflict is not only limited to social conflicts, but also conflicts in the administrative affairs of population and local government. If it is not immediately resolved, it can reduce the level of government service to the community. Remote sensing image technology and cartography become one of the options that can help facilitate in terms of cost efficiency and time effectiveness for mapping regional boundaries. This study utilizes remote sensing image to map regional boundaries using the cartometric and participatory methods. By drawing boundaries on work maps and measuring the position of points, distances and area coverage by using basic maps and other maps as a complement and also with verification from the local government as the participator to withdraw the limit. With the cartometric and participatory method and the help of remote sensing imagery in this study that can minimize field activities with the terms of the image used has a higher resolution than the base map used. The results of this study are the map Kaligesing sub-district boundary of Purworejo District, Central Java, that that has been verified. This verified map will be used for identifying the extend differences of this area, by comparing it to the Administration Map provided by the national government. Except that the result can be use to another research such as to boundary unit of disaster, or to make cadastral map in village level.

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