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Proceedings of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 2
10 Jul 2019
 | 10 Jul 2019

Digital Terrain Representation Methods and Red Relief Image Map, A New Visualization Approach

Tatsuro Chiba, Shin-ichi Kaneta, and Makoto Ohashi

Keywords: LiDAR, DEM, visualization,volcano

Abstract. Precise DEM obtained by airborne laser scanning and a global scale DEM were prepared to acquire topographic (elevation) data in recent years. For this reason, methods for visualizing the topography are increasingly required and play an significant role. However the previous terrain data representation methods were not able to represent altitude data between contour lines, and it was difficult to display altitude tints, shaded relief, and micro-topography in an easy to visualize manner. The Red Relief Image Map method shows micro-topography and major landform in one image.

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