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Proceedings of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 2
10 Jul 2019
 | 10 Jul 2019

Harmonization of different type of coordinate systems used for North Macedonian official spatial data

Bashkim Idrizi

Keywords: data harmonization, coordinate system, transformation, parameters

Abstract. From the beginning of developing vector data sets in Macedonia, till now, three type of coordinate values for North Macedonian spatial data have been used.

Law for real estate cadaster and Regulation for basic geodetic works are the official legal bases for definition of official state coordinate system. In both legal documents, state coordinate system is defined by Ellipsoid of Bessel 1841, Datum of Hermannskogel, and Gauss-Kruger projection with central meridian 21° E, scale factor 0.9999, false easting 500000 m, false northing 0 m and 7th projecting zone per 3°. Based on mentioned parameters, the coordinate systems EPSG 6204 and EPSG 6316 are defined and internationally recognized. The core deferens between them is false easting value. As a result of both coordinate systems parameters, the values of easting coordinates are far from each other for 7000 km!

Beside EPSG 6204 and 6316, official spatial data sets defined in CAD software were digitized by excluding first digits of easting and northing coordinates, by excluding digits 7 for easting and 4 for northing coordinates of spatial data.

Using three types of coordinate values, requires process of data harmonization before their usage in same project, in order to reach the spatial data overlapping. Third type of coordinate system, due to the lack of coordinate system parameters, can not be automatically overlapped with data defined in EPSG6204 and EPSG6316, which requires defining of intermediate coordinate system for third type of data in order to establish the mathematical base for data harmonization/overlapping by transformation of coordinates between three systems.

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