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Articles | Volume 2
10 Jul 2019
 | 10 Jul 2019

Reaffirmation of J. Bertin's Ordinal Matrix for business strategy decision – taking apart of visualized data on map and reconstruction by the Ordinal Matrix

Keiichi Ishida

Keywords: Visual analytics, Decision making support, Ordinal Matrix, Jacques Bertin, Data mining

Abstract. Visualization of statistical data is used for a good communication among involved personals. Taking an example of question on earthquake, it is important to review information where it will be occurred and how strong intensity is. Cartogram types of maps allow to easily see such information at a glance for everyone.

In case of insurance companies who develop their business worldwide, the map let them understand where we see earthquake risks without knowing local location information. This means that a European underwriter can review it even if this personal do not know Japanese earthquake risk at all, for example. So, the map is one of fundamental tools to assess where the company shall take insurance risks more or do not take it. In other word, where they efficiently do marketing to provide insurance? For marketing strategy, it is needed to see and to analyse several issues at once, i.e., how much exposures they are retaining within their portfolio, how much loss they will pay in future and how many expected clients they will have. Analysis for each aspect can be done by using a map to visualize relevant data. This is known as statistical map.

However, a simultaneous observation of different maps is not easy to see and understand how each aspect of alanysis should be considered with others. Now, this paper aim to show a capability of Jacques Bertin’s Ordinal Matrix. So, information on maps is taken and integrated by Bertin’s Matrix to analyse all information at once. And we will see how the Matrix lead us to make a decision for future strategy.

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