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Articles | Volume 2
10 Jul 2019
 | 10 Jul 2019

A new work of the National Atlas of Spain called Spain on Maps. A Geographic Synopsis has been published

Noelia Pérez, Andrés Arístegui, Alfredo del Campo, and Pilar Sánchez-Ortiz

Keywords: thematic maps, statistical maps, atlas, cartography, data visualization

Abstract. The National Atlas of Spain is a compendium of maps, charts, reports, tables and photographs that aims to depict the detailed human and physical geography and history of Spain. This project began in 1880 and it is nowadays immersed in its fifth stage of life. The National Atlas of Spain of the 21st Century has been published in the year 2018 by the National Geographic Institute of Spain in cooperation with a scientific network of 38 institutions and 140 researchers and professors as well as 200 scientific experts. It is divided in 24 chapters and includes nearly 1200 graphic contents, 827 of which are maps. Data have been provided by over 125 national and international official organisations. This work may be obtained both on digital and paper formats on various conduits for information. New proposals and projects are also currently being carried out at the National Atlas of Spain, i.e. a new Geoportal has recently been published on the internet, chapter I.1.1. of the National Atlas has started being extended so that it may become a monograph, and a new Interactive Atlas is about to be published on the web. Other tasks for the coming months include keeping all resources updated on all conduits for information, translating the Atlas into English, improving the tool used for producing and publishing charts and transforming the product called the Atlas Thesaurus into an ontology so that all contents may be offered as semantic resources.

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