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Proceedings of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 4
03 Dec 2021
 | 03 Dec 2021

Web technologies in cartographic support of geological exploration

Dmitriy S. Loginov

Keywords: Web maps, Cartographic support, Geological exploration, PostGIS, Leaflet

Abstract. Web technologies are now an integral part of the implementation of research work in various branches of science. The geological and geophysical direction is no exception, where the planning and execution of geological and geophysical surveys depend on the accuracy, reliability and relevance of the transmitted information.

The article deals with the possibilities of web technologies for cartographic support of geological exploration – a complex of scientific and production works, designed to determine the industrial significance of mineral deposits (ore, hydrocarbon, etc.). Examples are given of the use of geoportal solutions for the publication of data on the territory of study.

Taking into account the current level of web technologies development, a proprietary web-service was created to provide operational access to geodata during geological and geophysical work. The presented solution is implemented using PostgreSQL DBMS, PostGIS geospatial data processing module, Leaflet JavaScript library. The resulting interactive map allows to perform operational monitoring of field crews during seismic exploration, provides information on the stages of data processing and interpretation. Also it allows to implement a unified geoinformation space for joint work of specialists from different industries.

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