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Proceedings of the ICA
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Articles | Volume 2
10 Jul 2019
 | 10 Jul 2019

Landslide hazard zonation assessment using GIS analysis at the coastal area of Safi (Morocco)

Fatima El Bchari, Barbara Theilen-Willige, and Halima Ait Malek

Keywords: landslide hazard zonation map, geographical information system (GIS), analytic hierarchy process (AHP), Coastal area, Safi, Morocco

Abstract. Landslide hazard is one of the major environmental hazards in the coastal area. For helping the planners in selection of suitable locations to implement development projects, a landslide hazard zonation map has been produced for the coastal area of Safi (Morocco) as part of coastal Meseta. For this purpose, after preparation of a landslide inventory of the study area, some major parameters were examined for integrated analysis of landslide hazard in the region. The analyses of parameters were done by geo-referencing and lateral model making, satellite imaging of the study area, and spatial analyses by using geographical information system (GIS). The produced factor maps were weighted with analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method and then classified. The study area was classified into four classes of relative landslide hazards: negligible, low, moderate, and high. The final produced map for landslide hazard zonation in coastal area revealed that: the parameters of slope, geologic formation and fracturation have strong correlation and predict 75% of existing instabilities.

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