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Volume 4, 2021 – Keyword index

Volume 4, 2021 – Keyword index


A* AIS Active Travel Modes Alexandria Amida Android Artisanal Atlas Augmented Reality Autonomous Navigation Autonomy Autoregressive Model agrotourism ancient city areal diagrams artificial intelligence artificial locomotion artistic cartography artistic globe copy atlas atlas design augmented reality (AR) autism automated process automatic georeferencing avalanche bulletins avalanche risk communication


COVID-19 COVID-19 pandemic CRS CS42 Car navigation Caribbean Sea Carta della Natura Cartographic support Cartography Cartography teaching Children cartography Christian van Adrichom CoViD-19 Cognition in Geovisualization Communication Containment Cultural Heritage cadastral map cadastral system cartographic model cartography cartoheritage cell phone changes detection chart children cartography choropleth map subtypes choropleth maps climate cognitive geography cognitive science communications comparison between cadastral systems computer vision congestion measures conic projection contour lines control points crime crisis communication crisis management cruise ship tourism cultural heritage


DEM Digital Elevation Model Digital Mapping Dijkstra Distance decay dashboard dashboards data classification data representation decode deep learning depopulation digital humanities digital maps digital reconstruction digital restoration digitalisation disaster mapping dissemination distance estimations distortion grid dynamic variables


EPSG Ecological Value Education Education on mapping Environmental Fragility e-Navigation e-learning ecology education epidemic visualization evaluation of landslide susceptibility exploratory analysis expression with maps


Fersina Stream First World War Flickr Floyd-Warshall Fluvial Landscapes fauna fear of crime first-passage time floating car data forensic cartography forestry fuzzy inference system fuzzy logic


GDAL GIS GIS analysis GIS in public order GIS mapping GIS skills GLOBE Protocol GNSS GPR GRI-TN Geo-Social Media GeoSciML Geodatabase Geographic Information System Geography Geological exploration Geological map of Italy Geospatial database Gestalt Gold deposit Graphic design Grid maps game-based learning generalization geo-communication geo-spatial visualization geocommunication geodiversity geography georeferencing geosciences geotagged social data geovisualization gridded map


HD Maps HDBSCAN HGIS Habitat mapping Health Facility Historical Cartography Historical maps History of Cartography Human-Computer Interaction Hungary hazard maps health and sentiment mapping health geography healthy aging heuristics hijacking hiking hiking guide hillshade historical cartography historical geography historical maps historical photographs history of cartography horizontal accuracy hydrography hypsometric colouring


INSPIRE INT 1 ISO TC/211 IT tools InSAR Interactive Web Maps Interoperability image analysis image processing image-based rendering industrial revolution (IR) 4.0 interactive gazetteer


LBS Landscape Leaflet Location-based services Location-based social media (LBSM) land administration land cover land grant land use landmarks landscape landslide hazard languages least-cost path life story linking data lived space local Moran’s index lock-down locomotion speed long-term change


MRCNN MTN Map Applications Map Evaluation Map making Map-drawing Mapping-Workshops Mass media Meteomont Military Cartography Minecraft Mining Mobile Cartography Mobile Mapping MobileNetV2 Molise Morocco Mátra map map art map fusion map generalisation map projection map symbols map-based dashboard map-based survey mapping mapping experiment mapping landslides marine cartography marine sedimentology medical intelligence mental health meteorological data retrieval microservice mobile application mobile mapping system monitoring monumental olive trees motion adaptation multi-label classification


NATO standard NSDS Egypt 2030 NSSDA Test National Atlas National Topographic Map National atlas Network Analysis Nexus Nigeria North Macedonia Nudging name geodatabase name reconstruction and restoration natural disasters nautical cartography nautical charting navigation


OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) Ocean Mapping Open Data OpenCV OpenGL OpenLayers OpenStreetMap ocean tide visualization open data orientations orienteering orthophoto


PROJ Pan-maps Participatory Mapping Pathfinding Pazin Persuasive Technology Piri Reis Place-Name Study Planetary Cartography Planetary Geoinformation System (GIS) Planetary Maps Positional Accuracy PostGIS Privacy Proprietary Geospatialized Data Python pandemic parallel computing participatory activities participatory urban planning perceived space phonetic transcription place name port facility preparedness port infrastructure portolans


SDI SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) SWOT Matrix Sardinia Scenario Design Semantic Enrichment Serbian Cartography Sightless Simulator Studies Smart City Social Disorganization Spatial Analysis Spline Spread State Coordinate Reference System Sustainable Development scale school cartography seabed sediment sensitive map service-oriented web cartography sewer shaded relief social media spatial analyses spatial analysis spatial heterogeneity spatial patterns spatial thinking spatial uncertainty spatially local regression spatio-temporal structures spatio-temporal visualization standard parallel statistical maps strategic behavior style support vector machine sustainable tourism symbolization symbols


Tactile Maps Tesseract Thematic Mapping Thematic mapping Thematic maps Tokyo Topographic Database Topographic maps Topographical Models Toponymy Tourism Tracking Experiments Traditional Communities Traffic Simulation Trajectory Analysis Transportation Infrastructure Treasure Map Trentino Trento teaching tool tensor product the evolution of cadastre thematic cartography thematic mapping thematic maps theology time series time variance topographic content topographic databases topographic map topographic mapping topographic maps toponyms tourism tourist maps traffic congestion traffic sign detection and recognition


UAV UN sustainable development goals UX/UI Unified Cartographic Framework United States Urban Canals Usability Heuristics Usability Testing User experience uncertainty visualization university students urban patterns user interactions


VGI Vimercate Vineyard maps Violent Crime Virtual Geographic Environments Virtual Reality Visual Analytics Visualization validation vectorization veracity virtual globe virtual reality visual analysis visual complexity visualization


WGS84 Water quality Web GIS Web maps WebGIS Western Zhou water infrastructure wayfinding web processing service (WPS) webmapping well wine world ocean
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