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Volume 2, 2019 – Keyword index

Volume 2, 2019 – Keyword index


Accessibility Africa Agents Agglomeration effect Air pollution Akarçay Tepe Analytical Cartography Anatolia Android Archeological Mapping Archeology Art Artifical Intelligence Atlas Augmented reality Automatic Change Detection Automatic Generalization accessibility accessibility mapping administrative region index database aerial imagery alumni survey analytic hierarchy process (AHP) areography art artificial neural networks atlas atlas mapping automatic automatic filters automatic selection


BEHI Bank erosion Basic Education Basic Surveying and Mapping Batik Benchmarks Bicycle simulator Big Geodata Bluetooth BoK Body of Knowledge Bohemia Bondaries Mapping Building Data Built-in car GPS bank instability bathymetry big data biodiversity blind pedestrians building boundary polygon data building change detection building-network


CGIS Car Navigation System Cartograms Cartographic and geodetic tasks Cartographic generalization Cartographic interaction Cartographic mistakes Cartography Cartography Art Cartography M.Sc. Cartometric Caveat Emptor Central Siberia Certificate China Christian monasteries and convents Cities Citizen Collaboration Citizen Complaints Citizen Science Clustering Coastal area Cognitive distance Congestion Index Contest Contributors Convolutional Neural Network Copernicus European Program Cost-Weighted Distance Czech Historical Atlas career paths cartogram cartographic competences cartographic education cartographic generalization cartographical knowledge cartography cartosemiotics centrality analysis change analysis children children’s education choropleth map choropleth maps cloud cognition of map design cognitive map collaborative mapping color scheme colorblindness colour community-based maps conceptualizing constraints context-driven contour contour line convolutional neural network convolutional neural networks (CNN) coordinate system crowdsourced geographic data cultural region curriculum artefact custodianship


DEM Dark Skies Data Journalism Data Structure Data mining Dataintegration Decision making support Deep Learning Deep web POI Digital Humanities and GIS Digital Orthoimage Map Digitalization Disaster Reduction Disaster Resilience Distance cartogram Distance perception Dong Nai River Dream Cartography Dream Maps Dreams Dyke data collection data harmonization data integration data mining data validation data visualization decision support deep learning density maps digital elevation model (DEM) digital terrain model digital terrain modeling


Early Japanese surveying Echarts Edge-vector Edo Period Education Europe Exposure education elevation information emotional mapping empirical evaluation enfranchisement in the 19th century equatorial aspect event detection event impact event tracking extended Floating Car Data (xFCD)


FCD Fast Mapping Feeder buses Field Learning Flickr Floating Car Data Flood Folded Maps Forest fire Future Fuzzy logic fMRI fear of crime first-person cartography floating car data (FCD) flood mapping flood risk foldable map folding machine forest cover map forest fire


G star statistic GIS GIS in public order GIS map GIS-atlases GIScience GPS trajectory data Generalization Geo-hazard Geo-visualisation GeoVizualisation Geographic Information Geographic Information System Geographical Information System Geographical Information System (GIS) Geography Education Geological map Geological processes Geospatial Distribution Geospatial Theory Geotagged photos Geovisualization Global Positioning System Google Cloud Google Street View Great East Japan Earthquake Grid generalization gentrification geo-database geo-information resource geo-literation geo-tagged social media data geographic information ethics 2.0 geographic information standard geographical data geographical information system (GIS) geographical name information geographical names geography geography education geoheritage geological maps geology of Hungary geomagnetic declination geometry geomorphological control geomorphometry geopark geophysical maps geophysical study geospatial geospatial data geospatial information technology geospatial literacy geospatial schematization geospatial technologies geospatial web service geotagged photographs geotourist map geotourist maps geovisualization graphic design graphic element


Hand-Drawn Harumi Shibukawa Hazard Heat Risk Heimat Heritage High-quality map Historical declination viewer History of Cartography Hotspot Human Mobility Human encroachment Human-Computer Interaction Hungary hazard map hazard mapping hazard maps historic bridges historical atlas historical urban map


IBCAO ISO TC/211 Illustrated Map Image Spectrometry Image of Seoul Indonesia Indoor Positioning Ino Tadataka Interaction Design Interaction and communication Interactive Web Mapping Platform identity immersion index map indirect spatial referencing interdisciplinary workshops inventory establishment


Land Regime Landsat League of American Wheelmen LiDAR Linkage Update Literary Cartography Literature Little Tokyo Localisation Location Based Services Location of interest Location-based data Location-direction-enabled photograph Locative Expressions lake areas lakes dynamics land price land surveyors landscape changes landslide hazard zonation map large scale level of detail line simplification literacy


Magelang Map Map Art Map Generalization Map Learning Map Production Map Update Map design Map usability study Mapping Mapping Behavior Maps Mars Matching the Map with the Actual Place Mediterranean Metro systems Microscopic traffic flow Migrations Minecraft Minetest Miura-ori Modelling Morocco Movement log data Multi-Data Multimedia machine learning magnetic compass survey map analysis map design map enrichment map generalization map production map projection map service map use map-design maps maps of Europe in XIX. Century maps publication mixed reality mobile gaming model generalisation mountain rescue mountain wetland movement analysis multi-temporal analysis multilingualization multiple representation database multiple representations multivariate spatial analysis


OSM Open Government Open Science Open Source Open Source Software Open source OpenStreetMap Ordinal Matrix Orienteering Ortho Image old maps old photographs on Demand online maps optimization


PGIS Pakistan Participatory Pearson correlation coefficient Permafrost active layer depth Physical activity Pictorial Map Place Planning Polynomial regression Pre-pottery Neolithic Precipitation Principle of continuity Producer service firms Public transport mapping Pîrî Reis parameters pedestrian orientation pedestrian traffic flow perception personalized maps place names planetary mapping point features polar aspect potential vegetation growth conditions powerful disciplinary knowledge (PDK) project-based learning projections


Regional Boundaries Remote Sensing Remote Sensing Cartography Reproducible research Research Challenges Resilience Risk-factors River Cartography Road Management Road network patterns Romania Route selection railway heritage recognition of O-D pairs reference features reference point region regional dynamic registers relational database relative time religious orders remote sensing data residential location choice retrieving word optimization risk assessment river system road network generalization route choice behavior route guides route visualization routing rural geomedia


SDGs SDI STP Safi Scheduling efficiency School Atlas School Cartography Sekisui Nagakubo Seoul Tour Service-Oriented Mapping Shared e-bike Shortest path Sightless Signal perception Signal traffic control Simulator studies Smart card data Social Network Service Software Spatial Image Schemata Spatial Planning Spatial Relations Spatial autocorrelation Spatial distribution pattern Spatio-Temporal Analysis Spatiotemporal analysis Standardisation Statistical maps Storytelling Survey Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Sustainable development goals (SDGs) Székelyföld scenario-based SLEUTH model school cartography search and rescue security maps semantics settlements plans situational-awareness sketch map sky view factor sky view factor change small island developing states (SIDS) small multiples social media social sensing space-time cube sparse data spatial adaptive subdivision spatial analysis spatial cognition spatial data infrastructure spatial knowledge representation spatial orientation spatial presence spatial reasoning spatial relation spatial relationship spatial thinking spatio-temporal data spatiotemporal analysis spatiotemporal dataset statistical maps statistical surface structural characteristics style extraction synchronous euclidean distance


Teacher Training Teaching C++ programming Temporal-spatial Analysis Tengzhou Tenmon Keitou The Integrated Disaster Reduction Intelligent Services The World Map of 1513 Thematic Atlas Thematic maps Thessaloniki Three-dimension Visualization Tiger conservation Tiger corridor Tiger habitat vulnerability Time Series Analysis Time-distance visualization Topographic Maps Toponymy Traffic Congestion Traffic maps Traffic simulation Traffic situations Training computer programs Travel behavior Travel time Turning maneuvers target point territorial the Vltava River thematic mapping thematic maps tile map time cartogram time visualization time-space topographic map toponymy townscape traffic management training of Geography teachers trajectory transformation transport network travel time tsunami


UNGEGN UX design Urban design User experience universal design urban cartography urban fabric and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) urban green space urban morphogenesis urban parks urban planning urban sprawl usability


VGI Valles Marineris Viewpoint location Virtual Reality Visual analytics Visualization Vltava River Volunteered Geographic Information Vulnerability Vulnerable road users vector tile data vectorization virtual hologram virtual reality visual analytics visual language visualization visualization,volcano volunteered geographic information


Web Tiled Map Management System Web mapping Web-based visualization WebGIS WebGL Wielkopolska Workflow water detection web application web map system webcartography workflow workshops
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