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Volume 1, 2018 – Keyword index

Volume 1, 2018 – Keyword index


ADS-B ALEC API Accessibility Activity Data Age of Exploration Air Population Air Traffic Air/Ground Population Ratio Aire protégée Ancient geography Annotations Application Karttapullatuin Arab World ArcGIS Archival publication Area feature Areal interpolation Art Automatic map generalisation Automobile Blue Book Availability accessible maps adaptability aerial pictures air traffic alteration and remediation of ecosystems android augmented reality automated cartography


BIM (Building Information Modeling) Bali Balinese Culture Big Data Big data Biodiversité Body of Knowledge Body of Knowledge content Borders Borneo Bosatlas Botswana Boundaries Boundaries delimitation Building classification Bus Maps Bétaré-Oya biogeography bivariate maps broken contour lines


CSI CZML Campo Inchauspe Campus map Capacity Indicators Cartographic Communication Cartographic Design Cartographic Practice Cartographic Visualization Cartographic drawings Cartographic generalization Cartographic innovation Cartographic programming Cartographie Cartography Cartography teaching Catalan Atlas 1375 Census Cesium Cesium API Chile Chos Malal Citizen Science Citizen science Claudius Ptolemy Climate Change Adaptation Clustering Cognitive study Collaborative database Colombia Communication Context Contiguous zone Continental shelf Coordinate reference Coordinate system Coppe-Cosenza model Crowd Sourcing Crowdsource Crowdsourcing Culture Curriculum cadastral boundaries canon capacity building cartographic applications cartographic continuum cartographic formalism cartographic modeling cartographic transformations cartography cartography method cluster initialization cluster preprocessing clustering coastal wetlands colonialism color vision deficiency comparison conceptual schema concurrent access conic projection contour map contour tree coordinate system counties craft critique crofting cultural claim cultural heritage cyclic reappearance


Danube delta Data Capture Data Management Data Quality Data fusion Data mining Data storytelling Decision making support Deep Machine Learning Design Design Science Design pattern Digital Earth Digital Humanities Digital Map Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) Digital geophysical models Digital technologies Digitised globes Directional information Disaster Management Disaster Reduction Disaster Risk Reduction Disaster management Disaster protection Drainage Basin damage assessment dashboard data acquisition data custodian data quality data sharing decision support decision trees decision-making decolonization deep mapping deforestation design design resources digital elevation model (DEM) digital humanities dimensional relationships disaster management


ESPON Education Elections Electronic Map Electronic vehicle charging station European Institutions Exclusive Economic Zone Experience e-learning eBook ePUB earth observation ecological habitat edition education electrical wheelchair emergency response environmental data expressive rendering eye tracking


GIS GIS analysis Game Gauss Gauss-Krüger Gaussian coefficients General Survey Generalization Generalized Point Phenomena Geo-information Geodetic Systems Geographic Geographic Information Science Geographical information Geography Geography Education Geography Textbooks Geography teaching Geoinformatics Geometric graph Georeferencing Geospatial Heritage Geospatial Information Geospatial technologies Geovisualisation Geovisualization Gestion des ressources naturelles GlobeLand30 Google Earth Gradient line rendering Gravity field Groundwater Groundwater Flow System generalization genocide geo coding geographic information geographic information extraction geographic information science geographic systems geographical information service geomatics geomorphic processes geosciences geosocial-visual analytics geospatial geospatial data geospatial dataset geospatial images geospatial information geovisual analytics geovisualization global airline data glyphs gold grid-based


Harry Beck High school Geography Higher education Historical aerial photography Historical cartography Historical sources History Hungarian Geographical Institute Hydrogeology Hydrology hazard map hazelnut tree classification historical cartographic material history home ranges homeland security hydroelectricity


ICT IMY Image-to-image georeferencing Impairments Impressionist Indigenous geographies Indoor positioning Infographic Information design Integrated map Interactive clustering Interactive data visualization Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR) Intermediate Representation International Map Year indigenous integrated coastal zone management intelligent scheduling interactive international boundaries international initiative interpolation iphone


LAPCAS Land Use Mapping Land cover Landform classification data Landscape Landscape archaeology Landslides Lazio coast LiDAR data Lidar Liminal Spaces Linguistic Atlas web Location-based Services Location-direction-enabled photograph Lom & Djérem label placement lagune land claim land registration land use/land cover legislation lesson plans linear geographic features load balancing log data


Majorcan cartographic school Map Map Reference Map design Map education Map harmonization Map projection Map reading Map templates Mapping Mapping practices Mappæ mundi Maps Maps for disaster management Marine (Offshore) Cadastre Maritime zones Mathematics Matteo Ricci Medieval Asia Medieval China Mental Maps Metadata Metromap Minecraft ModelBuilder Moons Movement Multi-scale map Multidisciplinary Multimedia map definition map design map effectiveness map projection map style mapicity mapping maps marker mean shift memories mapping memory- frame metadata methods mining mobile application mobile device mobile mapping app modèle numérique de terrain morphological processing mouse & key logging multi-factor analysis multi-view interfaces multivariate data museum


National mapping agency Native American Natural hazards Nautical Charts Production Management Nautical cartography Neogeography New literacies Nigeria Norway national map natural color nautical maps neighborhood learning normalized difference vegetation index


Official Protraction Diagram Open Government Data OpenStreetMap Orderable Matrix Orienteering map Origin-Destination Origin-destination Orthorectified Radar Imagery (ORI) Outer Continental Shelf on-line mapping optimization ortho-rectification orthoimage orthophoto


PCI Geomatics HAP software PDF PDF Maps Pampa del Castillo Parallel coordinates Parallelization Parc national Parking search Partitioning Pattern discovery Perception Place Place names Planets Portolan charts Posgar Positioning scenes Probabilistic modeling Professional Development Programme recognition Propaganda Public Transport Maps park maps participation perception and cognition phenology places memory planetary science planning points’ auto-matching population density predictions projection-independent proposal public areas


RJMCMC Rangifer tarandus L. Raster datasets compiling Real-time Data Real-time Population Regionalization Research university Road map Rock-art Route guide Russian cartography reconstruction recreational areas reference data region growing remembering process remote sensing resilience restorative justice rivers rock textures


SASDI SDI SLD Satellite imagery Schematic maps School Atlas School cartography Seamless positioning Sendai Framework Senses Sensor,Networks Settlement structure Similarity measurement Smooth transitions Social Media Social communication Solar System South Africa Spatial Analysis Spatial Behaviour Spatial Data Infrastructure Spatial Effect Spatial Thinking Spatial Uncertainty Spatial analysis Spatial data Spatial reasoning Spatial refinement Spatial thinking Spatial-temporal uncertainty Spatio-temporal movement data Standardisation Standardization Standards development Standards of competence Statistical Graphics Stroke Submerged Lands Act Supplemental Official Block Diagram Susceptibility Sustainable Development Sweden Switzerland Symbol system Sémiologie graphique scale-independent scanned topographic maps schema school school atlas secondary education shaded relief shoreline significant locations smartphone smartphones social context soil liquefaction risk space-time cube spatial data infrastructure spatio-temporal analysis spatio-temporal events spatio-temporal pattern spectral imaging standards statistical cartography statistical legends strategy style submersion marine successive editions survey sustainability swisstopo symbolic accretion


Tactile Cartography Teaching Teaching/Research Project Temporal general feature model Territorial sea The National Atlas of Korea The World of Maps Thematic cartography Thematic mapping Threshold Tohoku Earthquake Topographic Maps Topographic maps Toponymic transcription Tourism Traduction Arabe Trajectory Transit Mapping Transparent sheet Travel Tree segmentation Typography tablet taste tea garden classification temporal diagrams texture shading thematic cartography theory topographic map topographic style transportation triaxial ellipsoid


UAV UGC Uncertainty Visualization Uncertainty visualization United Nations United States University atlas Uranium Urban land Urban population User interactions User issues User study User-generated content urban areas user-generated spatial content


VGI Vegetation map Vision Visual analytics Visualization Volunteered Geographic Information Volunteered geographical information virtual course visual analysis visual communication visually impaired students volunteered geographic information vulnérabilité
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